Why Go Direct?

The benefits of using Direct2Florist...

Thanks to Direct2florist's revolutionary thinking, flower senders like you have the opportunity to select the local florist that will deliver your flowers, wherever they are in the world. Going directly to the local florist means bigger, more beautiful bouquets and top quality service from professional flower experts worldwide. The benefits of going Direct2florist include:


Unbeatable value

Ever ordered flowers and been disappointed with the size of bouquet received? You're not alone, which is why Direct2florist is here. We offer a beautifully simple yet unique way to order – direct from local florists worldwide, but without paying a high commission to one, two or even three middlemen.


Local florists worldwide

Direct2Florist connects you to a network of talented and highly experienced local florists both in Ireland and around the rest of globe – and they’re all ready and waiting to deliver your perfect gift by hand.


Same day international flower delivery

By going direct to local florists, same day delivery is no problem at all, even to the other side of he world.


Star-rated florists and customer reviews

We’re so confident you’ll love our service that we invite you to submit a star rating once your delivery has been made. That helps future flower buyers choose a florist using reviews from previous customers.


Our guarantee

Here at Direct2florist, we work tirelessly to make sure the service provided will be first class and sure to impress your recipient.


50000+ Reviews!

Here at Direct2florist, we guarantee that 100% of the money you pay for your flowers goes to the florist, which means they can deliver much more impressive bouquets to your loved ones.